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Coffee is the world’s most enjoyed beverage. This delicious beverage originates from as early as the 15th century and has since only grown in popularity. If you want to give guests at your event a warm welcome then My Barista’s aromatic and fresh coffee is an absolute must. 

Our mobile coffee bar is perfect for all events and you and all of your event guests will enjoy the best possible service imaginable when you use our professional barista services. 

Our coffee is the best!

When you hire a barista your guests can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee to warm up or to simply recharge their energy levels.  Our coffee is the best and guests can order their coffee black, skinny, flavoured, decaffeinated or any way they like. 

Our skilled baristas are experts in the field of coffee making and will ensure that each and every cup they order will be a luxurious adventure to spice up their moods so your guests will get the best possible experience from your event.

We cater for any event

My Barista is suitable for any occasion.  You can hire a barista in Sydney for any event imaginable including all of the following:

Corporate events – Our coffee bar is perfect for any corporate event especially since coffee is known to improve energy levels and enhance cognitive function so your employees can really bustle and shine during the corporate function.  Barista hiring is perfect for meetings, team building events, conferences, seminars, business celebrations, year-end functions, board and shareholder meetings and much more.

Golf events – A coffee bar is the perfect addition to a golf event, especially during the early morning hours because players can stay refreshed and energised while they enjoy the game.

Charity events Barista hiring is especially handy for charity events because event organisers can earn on the event itself and earn a few extra bucks for charity from the coffee sales. 

Product launch events – What better way to keep your guests content during a product launch than with a cup of warm coffee?  Guests will definitely linger much longer during product demonstrations which enhance your chances of getting more clients. 

Fundraising events – A coffee bar is a must for any fundraising event especially if you are expecting a lot of guests or if you are hosting for several businesses.  Our professional mobile coffee stands are perfect for any fundraising event no matter how large or small.

Competitions – Competitors can perform much better when they had their cup of energy boosting coffee before competing and that is why barista hire in Sydney is a must for any competition whether it is a beauty competition, cycling championship, running event, casual sports competition, endurance competition or even a simple spelling bee championship. 

Entertainment events – Of course coffee goes terrific with any entertainment event.  If you are hosting a major concert, performance, music show or whatever other type of entertainment event imaginable then you can definitely consider a barista for hire.

Why you use our professional mobile coffee services?

A lot of event hosts think that they can manage their coffee bar themselves and they make a huge mistake by skipping out on a barista for hire in Sydney for all of the following reasons;

Quality coffee – We only use high quality products for our mobile coffee stands.  When you use the services of My Barista you get much more than just an average cup of coffee.  You get a mouthwatering cup of steaming coffee that is of restaurant quality because we use freshly brewed and freshly grinded coffee beans as well as high quality coffee brewers to create perfectly aromatic and wonderful tasting coffee that any guest will love. 

Expertise – Very few people really know how to make a good cup of coffee.  It takes a lot of training and quite a bit of coffee enthusiasm to be able to brew one great tasting cup of coffee after another and that is exactly why our coffee bars are manned by an expert barista.  When you use My Barista each and every guest will enjoy a perfect cup of coffee no matter how many cups of coffee our baristas will serve.

Speed – One of the best reasons to use My Barista for your event is because of the speed of our service.  Our top quality brewers as well as the skill of our baristas will ensure that all of your guests are served no matter how short the coffee breaks are and no matter how many guests are in need of a good cup of coffee.

Affordable – Hiring a skilled barista as well as the entire coffee stand is often much more affordable than trying to create your own coffee stand.  Our mobile coffee shop includes all gear that is needed including cups, spoons, coffee ingredients, napkins and much more.

Professionalism – Of course you want your guests to enjoy professional service when they enjoy some of the extras at your event.  Our professional baristas will arrive professionally attired and they are taught to be extremely professional with all guests so no one will go home with an unpleasant experience. 

Coffee is the healthiest beverage you can serve

Coffee is the one beverage you can serve at events that has the most health benefits and these health benefits is exactly what sets this type of beverage apart from all other drinks you can serve during events.  Here are all of the major health benefits guests can enjoy when you include a coffee bar at your happening;

  • Where drinks like soda and juice contain high quantities of sugar, guests can easily control their sugar intake with coffee.  Coffee is also a much better alternative to alcohol because the drink relaxes and enhances without any of the negative side effects that alcohol usually result in at events.
  • Coffee is also a terrific product for educational or business events because the caffeine boosts cognitive function which means everyone will be able to think clearer and make much better decisions when it comes to business. 
  • Researchers have also found that coffee has some pretty amazing medical effects and can reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease, reduced diabetic risk, reduced depression risk, reduced chances of getting Parkinson’s and coffee drinkers have a much lower chance of getting heart disease and much more.

Contact us at My Barista and make your bookings in advance so your guests can enjoy a magnificent time during events thanks to our fantastic coffee.

My barista offer barista hire Sydney services that supply the absolute best coffee for events. So if you are looking for mobile coffee cart hire, coffee vans for hire or a mobile barista service, give us a call and we will organise your mobile coffee catering service.

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