impress your guests with beautiful coffee and friendly service.

The team at My Barista have almost 10 years experience in corporate coffee catering. We HAve serviced over 400 companies and have what it takes to make your event a huge success!


Mobile Coffee Catering Services Sydney and Melbourne

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Coffee Catering

Do you want to really impress your guests at the next big event?  Then you simply must try My Barista’s coffee catering services. 

My Barista is the leading mobile coffee catering service in Sydney.  We have been providing event organisers with the best beverage solutions for many years and we are experts when it comes to great tasting coffee. 

We have a passion for coffee

At My Barista we have a deep passion for coffee. A lot of thought experimentation and research went into creating our fantastic coffee recipes and we are constantly upgrading our methods so we can keep supplying you with the best tasting coffee now and in the future.  

When you use our coffee cart catering all guests at your event will enjoy yummy coffee that will tickle their senses and boost their energy levels.

Professional barista services

If you are a coffee lover then you probably know that there is a huge difference between average coffee and professionally brewed coffee.

If you want to really amaze your guests then catering coffee is the ultimate solution because you will also be supplied with a trained barista to manage the coffee bar and create luxury coffees that are created based on your customers orders.

Our baristas will enhance your coffee experience for all of the following reasons;

Reliable – Our baristas are reliable. They will arrive on time for mobile cart catering and they will supply your guests with professionally brewed coffee for each and every cup they make.

Great customer service – Our baristas are trained to deal with customers from all walks of life and will provide your company or organisation as well as all of your guests with superb service.

Quick serving turnovers – Want to serve all your customers in a short break time?  Well then our baristas are a must because they have quick serving times and can handle high volume orders smoothly.

Great variety – Skilled baristas are trained in the art of coffee making and can supply your guests with a great variety of coffee drinks like cappuccinos, espressos, café lattes and they can even handle special requests by guests which is perfect for accommodating those with medical conditions like diabetes, lactose intolerance and more.

Coffee catering for any event

Our coffee cart catering is suitable for any event.  The coffee carts are glorious and our skilled baristas can adapt according to your event whether it is for conferences, exhibits, corporate events, private functions, charity or fund raising.  

Contact My Barista on 1300 784 237 to learn more about our coffee catering service and book a coffee bar, coffee cart or coffee van for any event. 

My barista offer barista hire Sydney services that supply the absolute best coffee for events. So if you are looking for mobile coffee cart hire, coffee vans for hire or a mobile barista service, give us a call and we will organise your mobile coffee catering service.

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