impress your guests with beautiful coffee and friendly service.

The team at My Barista have almost 10 years experience in corporate coffee catering. We HAve serviced over 400 companies and have what it takes to make your event a huge success!


Mobile Barista Service Sydney and Melbourne

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Barista Hire

 Are you planning a major event? Perhaps you are in charge of the arrangements for a big business function or seminar? Well you have come across the right place because My Barista makes event planning much simpler for businesses and organisations.

The top barista service in Sydney

My Barista is the top barista and coffee catering service in Sydney. We have been providing businesses and organisations with top quality coffee and coffee service solutions for quite a while and everyone that use our service cannot stop complimenting on the wonderful fragrance of our unique coffees. 

If you want to delight your guests during an event then you can definitely consider hiring a mobile barista in Sydney

Why hire a barista?

A lot of event organisers will go to extra lengths to set up their own coffee bar and the result is often disastrous because there isn’t a trained professional to man these bars and the supplies and ingredients often lack quality.  When you hire professional mobile barista services you enjoy terrific benefits like the following;

  • You gain a lot of simplicity since everything regarding the coffee setup, sales and coffee making is done for you.  All you have to do is call and make a booking and we will take care of all the rest.
  • We supply you with a professional barista that specialises in coffee making.  Our trained baristas have the skill to make any type of coffee including cappuccino, café late, espressos and much more and they are experts at special client requests so special needs guests like diabetics will also get to enjoy their coffee.  Our baristas are also trained in customer service and will ensure that all guests will be served with ease.
  • Our baristas are incredibly fast and will ensure that all of your clients are served swiftly so they will have a fantastic time during the event.
  • We stock our coffee bars with only the finest ingredients and products so guests can enjoy supreme quality coffee.

Our baristas come fully prepared

The mobile barista carts, barista vans and barista bars are fully equipped with everything you may need for your event including all coffee ingredients, all coffee making gear and all disposable coffee ware.  When you use our mobile barista services you won’t have to plan a thing because we supply everything you need.

Choose the coffee setup that match your event

At My Barista we are incredibly flexible and can create a coffee setup that suits your space and your event.  We can create an indoor coffee bar for you, set up a coffee chart or even supply you with a manned coffee van for large outdoor events. 

Contact My Barista at 1300 784 237 to find out more about our great services or to book your mobile barista.

My barista offer barista hire Sydney services that supply the absolute best coffee for events. So if you are looking for mobile coffee cart hire, coffee vans for hire or a mobile barista service, give us a call and we will organise your mobile coffee catering service.

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