impress your guests with beautiful coffee and friendly service.

The team at My Barista have almost 10 years experience in corporate coffee catering. We HAve serviced over 400 companies and have what it takes to make your event a huge success!


Mobile Coffee Vans Sydney and Melbourne

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Are you hosting a large an outdoor event? Well then perhaps a mobile coffee van in Sydney or Melbourne is just what you need to keep all of your guests refreshed, energised and content. 

My Barista are experts in coffee making and our catering service will ensure that no organisation or business ever fall short when it comes to beverages.  We provide coffee catering services for anyone and everyone and our mobile coffee vans are just what you need for large events.

We are ready to serve anywhere

With our mobile coffee vans we can serve customers anywhere at any time.  The coffee vans are easy to move around, they are incredibly easy to set up and they are super stylish so your guests can enjoy restaurant quality coffee no matter where your event may be located.

Fully equipped coffee van

Our coffee vans are fully equipped with everything your guests will need for delicious coffee. 

We stock the vans with all the necessary ingredients like roasted beans, milks, sugars, artificial sweeteners and more and our vans are fully equipped with all the coffee brewing gear as well as disposable cups your guests will need.

Everything you need for hundreds of delicious cups of coffee is right there in our coffee mobile vans.

Trained barista for great tasting coffee

Coffee making is an art and a skill that very few people have perfected.  Because coffee making requires quite a lot of talent we will supply you with a professional barista when you use our mobile coffee vans for your event. 

The baristas are fully trained at customer service, they are superb at handling high volume coffee orders and they are skilled enough to handle any client request for any type of coffee recipe. 

We use the best ingredients

At My Barista we have the best tasting coffee because we use only the best ingredients.  

Great for any major event

Our mobile coffee vans are perfectly suitable for any major event and especially for outdoors events like the following;

  • Music festivals, concerts or popstar performances
  • School and high school concerts, major school sports events, university events and more
  • Sports events like cycling tournaments, running championships, golfing tournaments and much more
  • Outdoor entertainment like outdoor movie nights and more
  • Large business events like product launches and marketing campaigns

If you need any more information on our mobile coffee van’s or need to make a booking then you are more than welcome to contact My Barista on 1300 784 237.

My barista offer barista hire Sydney services that supply the absolute best coffee for events. So if you are looking for mobile coffee cart hire, coffee vans for hire or a mobile barista service, give us a call and we will organise your mobile coffee catering service.

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