Professional Baristas
Our Baristas are the best in the business, they have been professionally trained to extract the perfect coffee, every time.
Oh... and they are really friendly too.

Melbourne Roasted Coffee
We often get asked how we produce such nice coffee. One word... LOVE! We love what we do, and we care about where it comes from. 
Our coffee is ethically sourced, carefully blended, small batch roasted and delivered fresh from the boys at Locale Espresso in Melbourne. Check them out on Facebook at @localeespresso.

On time. Every time.
We arrive one hour prior to our start time to ensure everything runs smoothly and the coffee is ready to go as soon as you are.

1. We are more than happy to display your brand wherever possible. Why not have our Baristas wearing your branded collateral such as T-Shirts, aprons or hats? No problem!
2. Another idea is to have your branding on the coffee cup itself.  If you're thinking about getting some branded cups, we can recommend these guys - www.mypapercups.com.au - (similar name but different company).  Check out their website to get a free quote through in just 60 secs or give them a call direct on 1300 721 340. If it helps, you can have the cups delivered directly to our warehouse and we can bring them along to your event.
3. Having a poster on the front of our Coffee Machines or on the Coffee Cart is a simple, effective way of getting your name out there. The dimensions of the front of our carts are 1050mm wide x 630mm high. Our client usually use "Velcro Dots" to adhere the poster.