Our Coffee

As you know, you can’t make great coffee without great beans.

And at My Barista, our blend of choice, Locale ‘Blend No 143’, is made up of beans sourced from the far corners of the world deep in Colombia, Brazil and India.  


There, Locale found beans with incredible taste, aromas and the right level of acidity to form this special combination. These high-altitude beans feature complex flavours - something that can’t be properly put into words...


From Colombia - Meseta Popayan...

Region: Popayan, Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1500-2070m above sea level

... hails the first coffee contributing to their blend.

Sourced from the deep Cauca region of Southwestern Colombia, La Meseta’s high altitude brings a floral and fruity flavour that adds complexity including notes of cane sugar, chocolate and herbaceousness.



In Brazil - Mountain Mogiana...

Region: Mococa, Brazil Altitude: 1000-1200m above sea level

... Locale chose a special coffee bean farm, one that has been in the same family since 1850. 

The Barretto’s give their workers a 50% share of the coffee trees they plant, and use organic methods only, creating a coffee bean that’s full of love for people and the environment.

With a buttery, cocoa, creamy and caramel taste and big body, it’s a mild acidity bean that’ll make you feel the love too.


From India - Chikmagalur AA...

Region: Chikmagalur, India Altitude: 1100-1400m above sea level

... the final bean hails from, where coffee bushes are grown in the shade of the rainforest trees of the region. This not only saves beautiful trees from being clear-felled for coffee bushes, but also delivers a robusta bean with a heavy body and strong caramel & dark chocolate flavours. It’s a rainforest darkness you’ll appreciate.


Our choice of coffee

All of these exotic beans come together in the wonderful Locale Blend No. 143 which has been our blend of choice since the very beginning. Most importantly, our baristas know how to turn these small, dark beans into a delicious coffee, each and every time.

With every sip, your guests will taste hints of caramel, dark chocolate and hazelnut for a full-bodied coffee that they will love.

Give us a call today to get the coffee sorted for your event – speak with me directly on 0400 558 271 or simply hit ‘reply’ and say hello.

We’re looking forward to impressing you and your guests.