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Impress your guests with beautiful coffee and friendly service.

The team at My Barista have almost 10 years experience in corporate coffee catering. We Have serviced over 400 companies and have what it takes to make your event a huge success!


Mobile Coffee Cart Hire in Sydney and Melbourne

Mobile coffee carts

Do you have a major upcoming event?  Want to really impress your guests? Then give them a gift for which so many people are willing to dish out a lot of cash…the gift of a free restaurant quality coffee!

My Barista’s mobile coffee cart hire is the perfect solution for any event because your guests will be able to enjoy luxury refreshments that are sure to put the spring back in their step and a big smile on their face.

Your guests will enjoy the best coffee!

My Barista have been providing event organisers with high quality coffee for many long years.  Our coffee is the best your guests can enjoy at social events because we use the finest freshly roasted beans.

Coffee exactly the way you like it

When you use our mobile coffee carts in Sydney your guests can enjoy coffee exactly the way they like it because our professional baristas that manage the portable coffee cart will take great care to ensure that each guest’s coffee is made according to their exact instruction. 

Guests can choose to order decaffeinated coffee, strong coffee, mild strength coffee, flavoured coffee, dairy free coffee, low fat coffee or hand in any other coffee specifications they like and they will receive a delicious cup of coffee that matches their personal preference perfectly.

Our mobile coffee carts is perfect for any occasion or event

There are few things that bring people together quite like coffee does. Coffee is the world’s most enjoyed beverage, which also makes it the perfect beverage for any occasion.

Business events – Mobile coffee carts are perfect for any business event, especially if you have to keep a lot of employees, investors or clients happy, awake and refreshed.  Coffee is a delicious beverage that is suitable for meetings, functions, seminars, product demonstrations, marketing events and even for celebrations like year-end functions and more.

Charity and fundraising – My Barista’s mobile coffee cart hire in Sydney is especially handy for charity events or fundraisings because coffee is great for treating contributors and for earning extra during these events.

Celebrations – Coffee warms the heart and that is exactly why you need a coffee mobile cart at your wedding, birthday celebration or any large celebration event imaginable.

Competitions – Hosting a major championship?  Well then a coffee stand is an absolute must because everyone can stay energised and refreshed. 

My Barista is the perfect beverage solution for any gathering, event or business function.  Coffee is healthy, tasty, enhances cognitive function and energises.  

Contact My Barista now and book your mobile coffee cart in Sydney so your guests can enjoy luxury refreshments no matter where your event may be located.

My barista offer barista hire Sydney services that supply the absolute best coffee for events. So if you are looking for mobile coffee cart hire, coffee vans for hire or a mobile barista service, give us a call and we will organise your mobile coffee catering service.